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School Newsletter Sample

A Messenger From The Future

Many Australian schools are attempting to decrease the amount of school-to-parent communication sent home via paper notes and are increasing their digital communication through websites, email, social media and school apps. Our... Read more

Education Week Events Flyer

Education Week Events at OVPS

Education Week is an important time in the school calendar and all parents, carers and community members are invited to join us in celebrating on Tuesday 2 August at our Education Week Assembly and on Thursday 4 August at our... Read more

Print at home permission notes at OVPS

Print-at-Home Permission Notes

Lost a permission note? Note you were expecting never arrived home? Have less notes than you have students at school? No problem! We've just launched a new page on our website where you can find recently sent home permission... Read more

Students at Oxley Vale enjoy a happy, safe and stimulating environment. They develop the values, skills and knowledge to thrive in and transform their world. Flexible school structures enable the delivery of challenging curricula.
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